Some things to consider when looking at pricing:

  • How much is my insurance deductible?
    (Most policies are at least $500.00)
  • If my vehicle is never recovered, how much is it going to cost me to replace it?
  • How much more will I pay for license and insurance if I have to replace it with a newer one?
  • How much will it cost to replace add ons that insurance might not cover (e.g. hitches, bed covers, custom wheels and tires, sound systems and so on...)
  • If it is recovered, damaged, how much is my time worth dealing with repair shops, police reports, insurance companies, rental agencies etc.?
  • Some insurance companies will give a discount with an anti theft device installed. (It could pay for itself if yours does.)
  • And last but not least:
    What is my peace of mind and loss of sleep worth?

Most Cars & Trucks
(Gas or Diesel)

$499.95 Installed

Big Rigs/Heavy Equipment/Tractors, etc.

$599.95 Installed

Extra Ravelco Plugs
Exotics, Special or Custom Installs
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