Since 1976 we have been in business manufacturing & selling the Ravelco Anti Theft Device to some of the nation’s largest trucking companies.


The problem with Big Rig Truck theft

National statistics show that this is a huge problem and it is getting worse. Reports to Insurance Services Office, Inc., show an increase of up to 20% in the value of big rig trucks every year since 1999 and they show theft as the most common cause of loss for the big rig trucks – over 50% of all causes of loss. The most worrying statistic for owners, operators and insurers is that as little as 10 – 15% of stolen big rig ever recovered.


Not one big rig has ever been stolen that was fitted with a Ravelco !

The Ravelco is simple to use. When your driver leaves their truck, all they have to do is remove the Ravelco plug from the Ravelco unit (that is flush mounted in the dash) and that truck becomes an impossible obstacle for even the most persistent thief . . . It cannot be Hot-Wired!    


These two types of signal destroyers are sold on the internet for less than $100.



Please do not think for one minute, if you have a tracking system in your trucks you are protected. Many trucking companies think that just because they have a GPS tracking system in their trucks, in the event of a theft they will easily recover their truck in a matter of minutes.  WRONG!

The real story is trucking companies cannot understand why their GPS tracking system that they paid big bucks for cannot do its job and locate their big rig . . . and that is when they call Ravelco. Tracking systems are virtually obsolete. Nowadays, all a big rig thief has to do is plug a GPS Scrambler aka-signal destroyer (shown below) in the trucks power outlet (cigarette lighter) and absolutely no tracking will occur. Not even a cell phone will work within 50 feet of the scrambler.

When Ravelco first started in business in 1976, they thought cars and light trucks were going to be the majority of their business and they very rarely sold to Big Rig and trucking companies. Today, protecting and securing Big Rig Trucks are without a doubt their primary business. They sell to many national trucking companies throughout the United States. The Ravelco trucking business really took off in 1999 when an extremely large trucking company placed an initial order for 950 Ravelco units for all their trucks. Having 950 trucks traveling the USA did not take very long for the word to get out and other trucking companies wanted to get on board and protect their trucks as well. Till this very day, that same company still purchases over 100 Ravelco units per month as they switch out their trucks.


Each Ravelco unit is hand made and tested before leaving our factory. The components used in the manufacturing of the Ravelco Anti Theft Device are all made in the U.S.A. and are of the highest quality, tested for performance, and proven in the field since 1976.