Peace of Mind... Anywhere... All The Time

Are You Tired Of Worrying About Your Car Or Truck Being Stolen?


With the Ravelco (Pronounced Ruh-vel-co) Anti-Theft Device professionally installed, you will have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will still be there when you return for it.
And you can sleep at night instead of looking out of the window every time you hear a noise, wondering if someone is stealing your car or truck.


Ravelco plug and keychain

The simple, yet effective design has never been defeated since 1976

Ravelco base and plug
  • There are no switches to fail
  • No relays or fuses to burn up
  • It uses no wireless signals that can be hacked
  • It simply connects to the factory wiring
  • Does not interfere with the function of anything else
  • Does not affect your new car warranty
  • Fits Cars, Trucks, Big Rigs, Equipment, Boats, etc.

Theft Prevention-Not Just a Deterrent

Don't settle for a device that MIGHT deter a thief,
Or one that MIGHT locate your vehicle after it's already gone.
Get the only one that prevents it from being stolen in the first place!

My plug in.jpg

Put the plug in and your engine will start ...

My plug out.jpg

Remove the plug and it won't ...

It's That Simple!
If it can't be started, your vehicle cannot be driven away.

Ravelco window sticker, base and plug over flag and mountains